CPR Training

Hamilton First Aid provides a number of different stand-alone CPR courses. These cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) classes are designed for participants only looking to earn CPR and automated external defibrillator (AED) certification and training. No first aid education, training or certification is included in this course.  These courses are broken down into three different levels. The most basic level is CPR “A” and the most complicated and comprehensive course is health care provider CPR which is also know as CPR HCP. This page will briefly outline the CPR “only” courses available in Hamilton.

CPR Training level “A”

St Mark James CPR and AED Training in Hamilton
St Mark James CPR and AED Training in Hamilton

This is the most basic CPR and AED course available through St Mark James. CPR level “A” can be completed in 3 to 4 hours and participants that pass the course receive a award that is current for 3 years. This training course encompasses key CPR aspects which include CPR for adult and adolescent victims. Candidates will learn to care for persons with respiration issues such as full and partial obstructions (choking). Individuals also will go over topics that include contacting EMS and legal significances of doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation. To register for a CPR level “A” and AED course select the course from above or from the main menu to be directed to the CPR level “A” page.

CPR level “C”

The most purchased and without doubt one of the most extensive cardiopulmonary resuscitation courses is CPR level C. This class is made up of all of the information featured in cardiopulmonary resuscitation “A”. St Mark James Training CPR C award can certainly substitute any CPR level “A” license. Additionally to the CPR level “A” program candidates will learn to provide CPR for infant victims. This training is a little longer in comparison to CPR “A” and features all of the respiration emergency aspects. This course is offered multiple times throughout the week in Hamilton.

CPR Training level “HCP”

One of the most thorough CPR program is CPR for health care providers (also known as CPR “HCP”). This CPR course is developed for individuals that are employed in the medical care, administrative and health care field. This program contains all the components found in CPR level’s “C” and “A” and includes additional training utilizing complex CPR accessories and experienced and trained CPR support. This training is just a little lengthier than CPR level “C”. Typical students consist of health-related workers, healthcare staff, and medical and nursing school students. Register for a CPR HCP course in Hamilton by selecting the CPR “HCP” course from above or from one of the menus.