Standard First Aid and CPR

workplace approved Standard First Aid Course in Hamilton, Ontario
Workplace approved Standard First Aid Course in Hamilton, Ontario

Standard first aid is regarded as the popular first aid program accessible for Canadians. It’s an in-depth class that features a lot of different first aid and CPR subjects. This course also offers participants CPR education and training. Standard First Aid and CPR training courses are presented with Hamilton First Aid Ltd. To register for a standard first aid course in Hamilton scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the available course locations and times.

Course Length

The time it takes to complete a program can vary from 18 to 20 hours. The length is dependent on the type of CPR combined along with the standard first aid class along with the competency and level of experience of the individuals. The duration of the training does not take into consideration lunch breaks.

CPR / AED Instruction in the Course

CPR level C, which incorporates CPR training for child, adult and infant patients, comes standard with the standard first aid class. However, we also offer the choice of changing to a CPR “HCP” class. An added cost is required for CPR HCP. All of the CPR classes feature training in the usage of AED’s.

Course Amount

We strive to offer the lowest prices with the best facilities and instructors in Hamilton. We offer standard first aid with CPR “C” and AED training for — dollars. CPR HCP training with standard first aid is an additional 5 dollars (– dollar total).

Subjects Covered in Standard First Aid

Individuals that enroll into this course class will learn about sudden medical emergencies, cardiovascular emergencies, respiratory emergencies, injuries, environmental emergencies, CPR training and how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED). All of these subjects and much more are going to be discussed in detail while in the workplace approved standard first aid and CPR course.

Standard First Aid Renewal

Hamilton First Aid proudly offers standard first-aid re-certs. These kinds of courses take half the time and typically charge a lot less. Only individuals that meet certain conditions can participate in and become registered into a standard first aid re-cert training course.

Standard First-aid Accreditation

Candidates that complete the course will get a license that states completion of standard first aid, and education in the usage of AED’s.

Enroll for standard first aid courses right now to obtain the most comprehensive first aid and CPR schooling offered.  Available standard first aid courses in Hamilton are listed below. Register by completing the registration forms or by calling or emailing.