Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System

Hazardous Materials in Canada

The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System is used all over Canada to protect the public from the dangers of hazardous materials. There a several pieces of legislation that involve the WHMIS, specifically the Hazardous Products Act and regulations under it. The legislations involve a WHMIS training requirement, use of safety labels on containment units, and the formulation of emergency plans.

All workers who handle HAZMAT are required to learn the WHMIS from a WHMIS training course. Hamilton First Aid offer WHMIS training every month to people who work with hazardous materials. The training program offers certification to trainees who are able to complete the program and pass the certification exam.

Hamilton First Aid and WHMIS

WHMIS training is offered by many providers all over Ontario, but not all offer quality training at affordable rates. Hamilton First Aid is one of the few providers in the country with high quality WHMIS courses at very affordable training fees. WHMIS training is available as a classroom course and an online course. They have different program lengths as well as training costs.

Classroom WHMIS is a four-hour program. It costs 49.99 dollars, inclusive of all training fees. It is completed in a single session between 8 AM and 5 PM.

Online WHMIS is a three-hour program. It costs 29.99 dollars. This course is targeted towards students who are unable to attend regular class schedules, particular trainees who are still in school or who have work during the day.

WHMIS certificate

The WHMIS training certificate does not expire. Certified trainees are not required by law to retake a WHMIS training course but we do encourage them to update themselves when they need to. All credentials from Hamilton First Aid are accepted all over the country.

Starting your training: What is considered HAZMAT

Hazardous materials are controlled substances – substances that are regulated strictly by the government. Hazardous ingredients are: (1) ingredients classified as a controlled product, (2) ingredients on the Ingredient Disclosure List, (3) ingredients with unknown toxicological properties, and (4) ingredients that the supplier has reasonable belief are harmful.

All hazardous materials are required by law to be contained and properly labeled. The label has very specific information on it: product name, supplier name, reference to the safety data sheet, hazard symbol, risk phrases, precautionary measures, and emergency measures.

There are also exemptions to Ontario’s WHMIS legislation regarding which materials are hazardous:

  • products made of wood
  • products make of tobacco
  • manufactured article
  • materials handled pursuant to the requirements of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act

Partial exemptions are:

  • explosive within the meaning of the Explosives Act
  • Cosmetics, devices, drugs, or food within the meaning of the Food and Drug Act
  • control product within the meaning of the Pest Control Products Act
  • prescribed substance within the meaning of the Nuclear Energy Act
  • consumer product in normal quantities

If you need training and certification in WHMIS, visit Hamilton First Aid today. Our offices are open from 8 AM to 5 PM. Online enrollment is also possible, targeted towards students who have class or work during the day.


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