First Aid Training

workplace approved first aid and CPR courses in Hamilton, Ontario
Workplace approved first aid and CPR courses in Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton First Aid offers a number of workplace approved first aid courses. All of these popular courses include CPR and automated external defibrillator (AED) education and training. These primarily hands on courses are offered at a number of different times throughout the week in our training centres. We pride ourselves on having the best instructors, highest quality facilities and lowest prices. The available workplace approved first aid and CPR courses include standard, childcare and emergency first aid. The majority of these courses provide customers with the opportunity to select the level of CPR training to partner the course. This page will explain in brief detail the contents of each of these courses and the CPR training available with them.

Standard First Aid

Standard first aid is the most demanded workplace approved first aid and CPR course available. This course is easily the most popular first aid class. This course includes CPR level “C” training, however, candidates have the option of registering for a higher level CPR certificate (CPR HCP). It takes 18 hours to complete this course and candidates that successfully pass this course will receive a certificate stating standard first aid, CPR and automated external defibrillator (AED) training. This certificate is valid for 3 years.

First Aid Training with Emergency First Aid

Emergency first aid training is a 8 hour course. Most candidates complete this course without any difficulty and promptly receive a certificate that meets a number of certification standards. This certificate is nationally accepted and is valid for 36 months. This course includes CPR training and typically comes with CPR level “A”, however, participants can take this course with CPR level “C” for a small additional cost.

Childcare First Aid

This course is specifically designed by the St Mark James for people that want to or work in the daycare or childcare industry.  Standard childcare first aid is very similar to  standard first aid. This 18 hour course comes only with CPR level “B” and students receive a comprehensive amount of first aid training including lessons involving sudden medical emergencies with children such as shaking baby syndrome.

Select the course which you need from above or from the main menu. Every workplace approved first aid course includes CPR and AED training. We offer all of these courses several times per week at the lowest prices in Hamilton.