Stomach Problems - Stomach Pains

First Aid CPR Hamilton: Complications of Metabolic Disorders

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One of the advantages of taking first aid CPR Hamilton classes is that it allow them to learn how to manage the life-threatening complications of many metabolic disorders which can save the lives of many residents. Here are some of the complications of most metabolic disorders that rescuers can learn how to manage by taking firs aid CPR Hamilton classes.


Lethargy is loosely defined as a condition wherein the patient exhibits lack of energy or enthusiasm. For doctors and other professionals, this condition refers to a state in which the patient is experiencing drowsiness or disorientation. He or she might feel certain stimuli such as pain but will fall back to sleep afterwards. Patients who are suffering from lethargy are at risk for breathing and circulation complications which can be prevented and managed by knowing basic first aid and CPR.

Abdominal Disorders

Stomach Problems - Stomach Pains
Stomach Problems – Stomach Pains

Most of the time, metabolic disorders are triggered by the body’s inability to digest protein, carbohydrates and important compounds. This results in mild to severe stomach or abdominal pain since digestion occurs in this area of the body. Taking first aid CPR Hamilton classes will enable rescuers to administer pain medications using the right methods.


Vomiting is one of the most common complications of diseases that are related to digestion. This medical problem can cause a wide array of other medical problems which include dehydration and fatigue. Aside from learning how to administer medications for vomiting, rescuers will also learn how to manage and prevent these medical problems by taking first aid and CPR classes using pharmacological and non-pharmacological means and ordinary household items such as homemade rehydrating solutions.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the long term effects of metabolic disorders. This symptom or complication usually takes place when the metabolic disorder is not recognized or the treatment has not begun a few weeks after the onset of the disease. Weight loss can be problematic for patients as it can increase their risk for falls and other injuries because of their fragile state. If these accidents happen in the presence of a rescuer, further complications can be avoided.


Taking first aid CPR Hamilton classes is a must in order to properly handle seizures as these patients are prone to self-inflicted injuries and should receive specific medical treatments that should only be administered by rescuers and healthcare professionals. This is why taking first aid and CPR classes is highly recommended for those who are taking care of loved ones who suffer from seizure attacks.

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